BioElectronics Innovative Medical Device Technology

BioElectronics innovative medical devices safely and effectively treat chronic and acute pain through a unique mechanism of non-invasive sub-sensory neuromodulation.

Chronic Pain & Central Sensitization


Chronic pain results from central sensitization, which causes the nervous system to develop a persistent state of high reactivity. This serves to amplify and maintain the pain even after the initial injury has healed.

Therefore, chronic pain is often poorly correlated to the degree of peripheral tissue injury. ActiPatch’s electromagnetic signal pulses 1,000 times per second to stimulate neuromodulation of the afferent nerves to dampen the brains perception of pain.

The ActiPatch pulsed signal rate prevents adaption to allow long-term use. ActiPatch therapy extended pain relief improves sleep, physical activity and overall quality of life.

ActiPatch® Device Usage

Recommended use time is initially 24 hours a day. Thereafter 6-24 hours as needed. Overnight therapy is an effective option for many ActiPatch users. There is no sensation from ActiPatch’s sub sensory therapy. ActiPatch provides 720 hours with on/off capability, is 100% safe and can be used with any medications.

ASIC-Device-Illustration-20133 Device Specifications:

Carrier frequency:
Peak spatial power density:
73 microwatts/ cm²
Pulse rate: 1000 pulses per second
Pulsed on duration: 100 micro seconds
Power source: Battery
Antenna size: 12cm or 8cm
Treatment area: 100cm2 of 70cm2
Weight: 8 grams
Operation time: 720 hours (on/off capability)
Loop of the device should be placed directly over the source of the pain.


ActiPatch® Safety

– Safe for diabetics, arthritics and the elderly
– No serious adverse events reported
– Safe with metallic implants
– Safe with pacemakers – Avoid placing directly over pacemaker on chest

Not recommended for pregnant women or children (as a general precaution). Adverse events may include skin irritation; this may be avoided by attaching on outside of tight fitted clothing.